We tested Lidl’s new protein ice creams (and we analyze if they make sense or is pure marketing)

We tested Lidl’s new protein ice creams (and we analyze if they make sense or is pure marketing)

Saying that proteins are in fashion seems absurd, But it is reality. The protein food market is stretching a vein that had been announced since before the pandemic, now exploited by brands that take advantage of the dragging of diets fitness like keto. The new range of Lidl protein ice cream It is one of the latest examples that demonstrate how the industry takes advantage of any trend to attract attention in an increasingly saturated market.

The fashion of these diets at least does not come out of nowhere or the occurrence of some guru selling smokes -which also exist-; More and more studies show that a high-protein diet like keto can have numerous benefits in certain circumstances. And without going into ketosis, boosting protein and cutting carbs is something that can help you lose weight and achieve other healthy goals.

Thus, for some time now we have seen the food industry echo these trends by launching new and reformulated products richer in protein, without sugar or with a lower carbohydrate content, such as fermented yogurt, skyr , supplements, fresh cheeses, shakes, breads or snacks. The sweet market seemed the most difficult to adapt to this field, but that has not put the big brands back.

Lidl protein ice cream they are not ketothat is to say, they have a considerable contribution of carbohydrates, but they boast of being a healthier alternative than most industrial ice creams, with less sugar and fat and more protein. Judging them without doing the tasting would be unfair, so we have launched ourselves to try two of the most successful references: the bars and the stick chocolate.

Ice cream presentation and ingredients

Lidl ice creams are marketed under the white brand Gelatelli, which in this case also signs the protein range. In addition to the bars and chocolate sticks -the “Magnum” type-, they have launched low-sugar ice creams in tubs or glasses, which we could not find in the physical store the day we purchased the ice creams submitted to the tasting.

protein ice bar

The presentation of the range of ice cream bars comes in a cardboard box with five pieces wrapped in non-recyclable plastic, 50 g or 70 ml each, at a total price of 2.49 euros the box. They cannot be purchased individually.

ice cream Lidl4

The specific name of the tested product is the variety white chocolate crisp, with a marketing description appearing on the label as “biscuit-flavored bourbon vanilla ice cream, with sugar and sweeteners, coated in 26% white chocolate and 2% puffed rice.” The box also shows the corresponding nutritional information, the Rainforest Alliance seal that certifies the sustainability of the cocoa used, and the complete list of ingredients.

One problem is that we do not see clearly indicated who manufactures this ice cream, because only the addresses of Lidl Germany, Lidl Great Britain and Lidl Ireland appear on the box. Since there are no further indications regarding Spain or who produces it, we can only deduce that the bars are of British or Irish production, although nothing is clear.

ice cream Lidl8

Ingredients. 55% Evaporated Skimmed Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Proteins, Sweeteners: Xylitol, Stevioal Glycosides; bulking agent: polydextrose; whipping cream, concentrated butter, coconut fat, sunflower oil, rice flour, glucose syrup, emulsifiers: monoglycerides and diglycerides of fatty acids, lecithins, polyglycerol polyricicioleate; stabilizers: locust bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan; wheat gluten, bourbon vanilla extract, natural flavourings, barley malt flour, salt, caramel syrup.

Classic protein ice cream

The bonbon stick ice cream also comes in a cardboard box, in this case with four individually wrapped units, 45.5 g each or 70 ml, at a price of 2.49 euros the pack. They follow the typical format of ice cream covered in a solid chocolate coating on a stick, considerably smaller in size than the popular Magnums, including reduction.

ice cream Lidl6

They also have the Rainforest Alliance seal and the manufacturer, Spanish, does appear; are produced by Casty SA, in Talavera of the Queen (Toledo). They also include the Nutri-Score seal with a score of C, and it is an ice cream with no added sugar. The commercial description indicates that it is a “vanilla flavor ice cream with sweeteners, covered with milk chocolate coating with sweeteners”.

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Ingredients. Reconstituted skimmed milk powder, 29.6% milk chocolate coating with sweeteners (sweetener: malitols, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, concentrated butter, emulsifier: lecithins (soy), polyglycerol polyricinoleate; flavor natural vanilla, vanillin flavor), whey protein concentrate, sweeteners: erythritol, steviol glycosides; Inulin, Coconut Oil, Bulking Agent: Polydextrose; lactose and milk proteins, stabilizers: locust bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan; emulsifier: monoglycerides and diglycerides of fatty acids; dye: annatto norbixin; smell.

Nutritional analysis and comparison

ice cream Lidl3

To find out if they can really be called “protein” ice creams, there is no other option but to check the nutritional table of each variety and establish a quick comparison with other ice creams on the market.

Protein Ice Bar

per 100g

Per unit (50g)

Energetic value

274 calories

138 calories







of which saturates






of which sugars






Classic Protein Ice Cream

per 100g

Per unit (45.5g)

Energetic value

253 calories

116 calories







of which saturates






of which sugars






ice cream Lidl7

We can quickly see that white chocolate bars contain a good amount of sugar, although it may be slightly less than other commercial ice creams that easily reach or exceed 25 g per 100 g of product. Being a small bar, the total sugars decrease, but they are still high by one unit, with 10.4 g of free sugar that is eaten in one sitting.

The variety of milk chocolate on a stick presents less sugarslogically, by adding only sweeteners and presenting sugars naturally present in its ingredients; an ice cream already provides only 2.8 g of total free sugar.

As for proteins, which is the great attraction of this range, it is true that both varieties have a protein content higher than the average range of commercial ice creams, which are usually between 3-4 g per 100 of product. For example, a classic magnum of milk chocolate has just 3.6 g of protein per 100 g of ice cream, with 27 g of sugars.

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In conclusion: are they worth it?

The amount of protein that these ice creams provide, although it is higher than the commercial average range, it’s laughable in what should be the whole of a healthy and balanced diet.

ice cream Lidl5

Consuming these products just because they are advertised as rich in protein is not a good option, since they displace other foods that are healthy and much richer in quality protein, and are still ultra-processed foods that we should only consume sporadically.

They are good, but they are not worth it as a protein food

However, the ice creams are good, especially the bars, sweeter and almost more like a frozen chocolate bar. The chocolate sticks have a slight sweetener aftertaste, although only the most refined palates will notice it. They are not as rich as high-end ice creams and it shows that the quality of the chocolate is not the best, but for the price they have They can be some ice creams to consider for this summer.

But if you want to treat yourself to a good ice cream on your vacation, we recommend invest in the one you really like and enjoy it in moderation and taste; no commercial ice cream of this type should be consumed frequently nor should health claims be a reason for purchase, as they are rarely worthwhile.

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It is better to take, for example, authentic natural yogurt every day and savor a good ice cream with your sugar and fat in a timely manner, to stay halfway. And we can always make them homemade, which is also enjoyed in the process.

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