We show you which ones to choose to facilitate weight loss

We show you which ones to choose to facilitate weight loss

Cereals are usually the main source of carbohydrates in our diet and therefore, it is a group considered “enemy” when losing weight. Nevertheless, Believe it or not, consuming cereals can help you lose weight; as long as we choose the appropriate alternatives.

Comprehensive and refined: the big differences between the two

Unlike a refined, white cereal that has passed through the industry; a Whole grain cereal preserves all three parts of its grain. That is to say, it constitutes a complete grain and because of this, it has more proteins, more fiber, vitamins and minerals. It also has a darker color and a harder texture than the refined version of it.

A refined cereal loses almost all the germ of the grain and completely the bran thereof, thus being a starch-rich alternative, Little satiating for the organism and of poor nutritional quality.

For this reason, it is essential to differentiate a whole grain from a refined cereal, since the latter can promote weight gain by being a low-satiating alternative, rich in starch and with a high glycemic index.

Conversely, whole grains are low glycemic, They are easily satiating, have an anti-inflammatory effect and can help you lose weight as we show you below.

Whole grains

Whole grain or whole grain cereals: how they can help you lose weight

Although low-carbohydrate diets are really effective when losing weight, we must also recognize that cereals They are widely consumed and that the carbohydrates that they offer are very common in the daily diet. Therefore, its inclusion in the daily table as part of a diet to lose weight, can promote adherence to the latter in time.

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That is, consume whole grains when we want to lose weight does not hinder weight loss at all but on the contrary, it can make our weight loss plan more bearable.

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On the other hand, there are alternatives that they provide a lot of satiety due to its low glycemic index, its richness in fiber and protein and we help control the amount we eat to promote the achievement of a caloric deficit, essential when losing weight.

At the hormonal level, whole grains do not produce insulin and glucose peaks in the blood and therefore are useful to moderate fat storage in our body.

For all the aforementioned, whole grains contribute to prevent metabolic processes that lead to obesity and to other pathologies such as diabetes.

Indirectly, whole grains can contribute to weight loss by reduce stress in the body through what we eat. And also, at positively influence the intestinal flora of the organism, as it has been proven that a healthy intestinal flora favors satiety and appetite control.

How can we see, the cereals far from getting fat they can help you lose weight if we choose suitable alternatives such as whole grain or whole grain cereals.

We recommend its inclusion in the usual diet along with vegetables, lean proteins and other quality ingredients for the body that can contribute to weight loss.

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