Home Gaming We must talk about it… The 10 worst Pokémon games in history

We must talk about it… The 10 worst Pokémon games in history

We must talk about it… The 10 worst Pokémon games in history

Despite the passing of the years, the video games of the franchise Pokemon, remain some of the favorite titles, making it one of the best entertainment sagas in the world.

This franchise has offered us a wide variety of games, some have been with different themes than usual, many of them immediately become the favorites of the fans, although it must be clarified that, in life, nothing is perfect and There have already been times where their titles disappointed the community.

Based on this, metacritic has been given the task of investigating, which have been the worst titles that the popular franchise has brought to the market, and it is that, despite its popularity, its deliveries have not always been synonymous with quality.

metacritic, is a renowned website that is responsible for compiling a large number of reviews made by specialized media in film, television and, of course, video games, so it becomes a reliable means to find out what each title offers.

The site warns that we should not have illusions before knowing who makes up said ranking, since one of your favorite titles from Pokemon, since it is about all those launched in the entire history.

Here you can see it:

  1. Pokémon Rumble Rush – 42
  2. Pokémon Dash – 46
  3. My Pokemon Ranch – 47
  4. Pokémon Battle Revolution – 53
  5. Pokemon Dream Radar – 54
  6. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky – 54
  7. Pokémon Channel – 55
  8. Pokemon Shuffle – 56
  9. Pokémon Quest-62
  10. Pokémon Masters EX-63

So, based on the results of this list, the worst rated game in the series in all of history is pokemon rumble rush, was released in 2019 for iOS and Android devices, and due to its results it was withdrawn in July 2020.

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The conclusion is evident, where it only reminds us that even in the largest franchises there are some stumbles, and that is because no game is guaranteed success, either in sales or reviews, even having a recognized name in the industry.