The iconic image of Buzz Aldrin on the Moon was taken by Neil Armstrong. Now, 52 years after photography, it has been used to see exactly what the astronaut observed thanks to the reflection seen in the visor of your helmet, as explained in Science Alert. A Reddit user has been commissioned to make this work so interesting. And now we can all see the same as Aldrin and feel what it’s like to be on the moon; even if it is a somewhat unreal feeling.

Michael Ranger, the Reddit user behind the pseudonym rg1213He has done an impressive job to bring this image to all of us. In the forum entry he explains that he enlarged the visor of Aldrin’s helmet and since it is a mirror ball, he unwrapped in a 2D image. After this he opened it with Google Street View and he already had the image of what the astronaut saw when Armstrong took the photograph. Also, before all this, he had to search the iconic image in high quality to be able to carry out all this.

The Moon: this is the image seen in the reflection of Buzz Aldrin’s helmet

In the image you can see that Buzz Aldrin is close to the lunar module; Armstrong with the Hasselblad camera at chest height and, if you look closely, at the top of the visor you can see the Earth.

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Michael Ranger

The image was taken in July 1969 during man’s first landing on the Moon. Armstrong, Aldrin and Michael Collins were the first to get there, although only the first two got off the lunar module. All three were part of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. We have been to the Moon six times and a total of 12 astronauts have stepped on our satellite; despite what people who believe in conspiracy theories think.

Ultimately, not only did we reach the Moon but, more than 50 years after this great milestone, we continue to discover incredible images about that moment when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong came down to the lunar surface and took pictures.

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