We have new images of The Batman!

We have new images of The Batman!

After many delays caused by the pandemic of the COVID-19, there is not much time left for the premiere of The batman, the new adaptation of the hero that has been giving a lot to talk about these last days. A couple of weeks ago a trailer focused on the relationship between the bat and Catwoman, and now we have new production pictures.

One of the concerns that the community had is that we did not go to see Bruce wayne wearing the suit for so long on screen, but it seems like we can put an end to all of that. These new images show us more scenes with Batman and Catwoman, but we can also see the Penguin in his classic comics outfit.

But as if that were not enough, there are also other images that show us in much greater detail at Penguin and the Riddler:

The batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022.


Editor’s note: I think without a doubt The Batman will be one of the best adaptations of the character that we will have on the big screen. My only concern is that this version of the hero doesn’t actually belong in the DCEU, but maybe that turns out to be something in his favor. It all depends on the direction this cinematic universe takes.

Via: GamesRadar