Although officially the summer is not over, it is true that he has the last blows. The temperatures have already started to drop, the rains are coming … and it is already appealing to go for warmer clothes. For this reason, always having a sweatshirt at hand is a great idea, because not only do they combine that is nice, but there are some that conquer us with a single glance, such as the one that Paula Echevarría has shown on her Instagram account.

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And it is that it is a H&M cotton design It not only has a beautiful intense red tone (which is one of the colors of the season that cannot be missed to create our looks), but it is also a basic wardrobe staple.

A Friday look from Tamara Falcó

paula echevarria sweatshirt

But as if that were not enough, knowing that it costs 19.99 euros, because it encourages us more and is available in several colors, smooth, with another logo that is not the one in New York, such as the gray where we read Chicago. Come on, a basic with which to hit and with which to face these cooler days.

H&M sweatshirt in hot red with New York logo

H&M New York logo sweatshirt in hot red

What is clear is that Paula Echevarría knows well how to create needs for ourselves and this is one of them.

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Photos | @pau_eche and H&M