The era of Windows 11 aims to be a before and after for Microsoft. After many years of crossing in the desert, those of Redmond are finally dedicating to the operating system the amount of resources that it deserves. This new design line spearheaded by Windows 11 extends to more Microsoft products and services and Office is a great proof of it.

Rounded corners and a temporary absence

As reported via Twitter The guys at Office Insider, we can start to try the first brushstrokes of this new design of the most famous office suite in the world.

The most striking changes are related to the style bar Ribbon so characteristic of Office, which will show a more rounded appearance and according to Windows 11.

What’s more, in the promotional images (although not yet in the version that has reached us) we can see how they have applied to the background of the application the new design element baptized as “Mica” Windows 11, which took the dominant color of the wallpaper and applied it in a “blurred” way to the application.

Will there be more changes for Office in 2022?

Even though we don’t think Office apps look too bad with these changes, they are still a bit short on us, especially after seeing a more ambitious proposal last year. Everything pointed to Microsoft’s plan to replace the ribbon with a floating command bar, an interface that would be much more familiar and pleasant for the common user.

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Important UI changes that could come to Office
Major UI Changes That Could Come to Office | Image: Microsoft

However, the Office team said last year that it would take a year or two to introduce all the changes they wanted to the applications, so we doubt they have ruled it out. We would be like this before the first iteration of a new design that will be gradually completed and whose key element (the command bar) will arrive separately when it is ready.

This new design, despite adapting to the style of Windows 11, will also be available on Windows 10. In order to test it, we will need to have a valid Microsoft 365 (Office 365) subscription and be enrolled in the program Office Insider. If we activate the option to receive beta versions, the application will be updated and we will be able to see the new Office design brushstrokes.

What do you think of this redesign? Is it enough for you? Do you think they should replace the ribbon with the command bar?

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