FIAT will expand the range of electric cars in just two years. The main Italian firm of Stellantis will have up to four zero-emission models in 2024, joining the FIAT 500e. One of them will be the new generation of the FIAT Panda, one of the most important models of which we anticipate its design and qualities, which is expected in 2023.

The relay of FIAT Panda it is making itself wait longer than necessary, and it will do so for a while longer. In the best of cases, we could see it at the end of 2022 and, at the latest, in 2023. Those of the Turinese brand have planned four models for the middle of the decade and all will be zero emissions, adding to the 500e.

Olivier Francois, CEO of FIAT, has confirmed that the brand he represents will be one of the first to become electric, considering the new generation of the Panda as a purely electric model. The future model will abandon its urban character, will be larger and will enter fully into the B segment of the utility vehicles, touching 4 meters long. But not only that, but will bring the FIAT Centoventi concept to life, a model whose design we advance in this recreation.

The FIAT Centoventi Concept conquered the general public, which will also make the future Panda

The FIAT Centoventi Concept will be respected in the future Panda

The Italian brand will not leave aside the acclaimed concept presented at the last edition of the Geneva Motor Show, in 2019, which conquered the attendees. The future Panda will bet on some squarer lines, a floating-style roof, a very vertical front end and a very practical body with five doors, as usual, along with a higher body-to-ground clearance, with a crossover tint. FIAT stylists will respect much of the conceptual advancement, staying true to a very attractive and modern design.

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Two qualities much needed in the manufacturer’s model range in recent years and that will allow the Panda to return to the highest sales positions. A modern style that does not prevent the Panda from also being “spartan, economical and practical” as they have described it. The future FIAT Panda will be offered with other body declines, and will be based on the group’s new STLA platform.

Specifically, the «STLA Small», whose battery will offer a maximum autonomy of 500 kilometers. One more powerful argument that joins the design and a wide range of customizations to try to dazzle the public. For now, the technical specifications of the electric motor that will equip the future Panda are unknown, but for sure will offer maximum power equivalent to that of the e-208 and Corsa-e, two of its main competitors, although with different regulations and power levels.

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