There is less and less to the launch of Back 4 Blood, spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead which promises to be one of the funniest multiplayer experiences of the year. To who Atomix We had the opportunity to participate in a closed beta of this game, and in this article we will tell you how we had a good time with it.

Before talking about our final impressions, it is important to clarify that we test Back 4 Blood en a PC with a RTX 2060, so all our experience with the game is based on these specifications. With this out of the way, now let’s get down to business.


Back 4 Blood it’s a multiplayer shooter first person, in which you and three other teammates must team up to face hordes of zombies throughout multiple levels. Before starting each game you will be positioned in a lobby where you can customize your equipment, try out different weapons, and chat with some NPCs. This lobby can also be used to invite other players.

One of the most interesting news that it offers us Back 4 Blood it lies in your card system; basically, while in the lobby, you can build your own deck with different cards. Each of them offers some different effect or attribute. For example, there are cards that allow you to load your weapons faster, while others benefit your aim or the time you can spend running. Similarly, each character has their own unique card that applies passive benefits to your entire squad.


This card system is certainly interesting and offers an additional layer of customization for each type of player. You can experiment with different decks and see which one works for you. In the highest difficulties it is a bit important to have an organized team, but if you are a player who just wants to have a good time killing zombies without putting a lot of brain into this aspect, it is also possible to do so.

Since you choose your cards, your equipment and the level of difficulty, you can choose from different game modes. For this beta, PvP and PvE were available, although for technical reasons, I only had the opportunity to play PvE. All at once I tell you, I was someone who didn’t really expect too much from Back 4 Blood, and once I finished the beta, I was wanting more. The title is extremely fun, and I played it with strangers.

Once the game starts, you have up to three minutes to choose a weapon and buy different accessories from it. You can carry a primary weapon and a secondary weapon, which in the vast majority of cases was a pistol. The type of character you choose at the beginning also affects your starting weaponry, but don’t worry too much about this, as you can change it as you find new weapons and accessories.


The controls feel good, responsive, and at no point did you have any technical issues with them. Without fear of being wrong, I can safely say that Turtle rock He hit the nail on the head in this section. Bullets have impact, stabs feel good, and killing zombies is rarely that satisfying. After all, the controls in these types of games are of the utmost importance and there is nothing to worry about here.

Having tried all three difficulty levels, I can say that it felt an * almost * ideal balance between them. The easy mode is too easy in my opinion, and my team and I were able to get through all the levels without any problems and without much communication. I find normal mode to be very well balanced, and it definitely turned out to be quite a challenge in certain sections. While in hard mode we were rarely able to overcome the first horde, partly because there were more enemies on screen, and partly because allied fire was activated. Yes in Back 4 Blood the positioning of your squad is of the utmost importance, as you can kill your teammates if you shoot them enough.

In each level you will find different types of objects that will help you in your fight for survival, such as barbed wire, bandage kits, Molotov cocktails, grenades and more. You have to be careful about how you manage this team, as there aren’t enough of them for your entire team. This obviously depends on the difficulty in which you play, but even in the simplest we had difficulties managing our supplies and the battles against stronger enemies turned out to be more complicated than they should.

Ammunition is also another resource that you should always consider, as it is easy to run out of it when you are mainly focused on killing zombies. Luckily, some characters have the ability to drop boxes with ammunition, in addition to the fact that at the beginning of each level you can also buy for the weapon you need. The money was not as tight as we thought, although if you are careless you may not have enough to improve your equipment at the beginning of each new level.

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I did come across a few bugs during the two hours that I was playing Back 4 Blood, but nothing that really broke the game or drastically affected the experience. Despite being just over two months from its launch, the people of Turtle rock has done a good job polishing the title.

Overall, I can say that I had a lot of fun with Back 4 Blood, and being a game that didn’t interest me at all, now I can say that I’m really excited about its release. The only thing that worries me is that there will not be enough replayability at launch, so hopefully its developers will continue to support the game with a lot of content for the future.

Back 4 Blood will debut next October 12 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.


Source: Atomix