In all car brands there is one that is considered a drag, and in the French Premium too. The DS 3 Crossback was born with great aspirations that faded over time, crying out for a more in-depth facelift than usual. The exclusive French B-SUV will undertake a redesign that we anticipate in this recreation, reaching the market in 2023.

Just three years ago, those responsible for DS Automobiles presented a new representative for the utility market at the last edition of the Paris Motor Show, in October 2018. With pride, the DS 3 Crossback debuted to face a difficult challenge, that of counteracting the sales of the MINI Countryman, with a range of engines that is as sophisticated as it is sustainable, as it entered fully into the most sustainable mobility with a fully electric version.

The one of DS 3 Crossback E-TENSE. But not all have been joys in the French brand, because the model has not met the expected objectives. Its Premium character, its high price and a very special design have weighed it down during the three years it has been on the market. A model that, to this day, is crying out for a deeper facelift than usual in the brand, and in the French group, and that we anticipate you in this recreation.

The DS 3 Crossback Facelift 2023 will offer very light novelties at the rear

The redesigned DS 3 Crossback will arrive in early 2023

The half-life cycle redesign is on time and will not be longer than necessary, with the expectation that the model will abandon the special identity of the front, opting for a more conventional style. This is replace the headlights with this curved design with the sharper ones from the DS 4, in its proper measure, and also the front bumper eliminating the meandering LED daytime running light, and adopting the more modern styling of the new compact.

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The improvements to the rear will be lighter, as this area is not the big problem, so the revision will slightly affect the rear lights that will change their finish, their light functions will also vary, as will the bumper. Among other details, a cleaner tailgate is expected.

The DS 3 Crossback too will improve the interior, with new combinations of materials betting on new atmospheres, new decorative moldings and a revision of the infotainment system, in addition to improving the driving assistants. The engine range will also be revised, fine-tuning efficiency levels, at the same time as the E-TENSE will gain some more autonomy. The DS 3 Crossback will be Unveiled in Fall 2022, and on sale in Spring 2023.