If you have bought or are planning to buy a second-hand iPhone and want to know if the process of jailbreak, here are some ways to check it.

How to know if my iPhone is jailbroken.

Jailbreak on my iPhone

It is known that jailbreak is a legal procedure that does not affect the user, there are even reasons to experiment with it. But it can also be considered as a process of alteration to the operating system that causes much controversy among the community and that even, according to its use, can affect the performance of the phone.

If you have doubts and you want to check if your iPhone has this jailbreakWhether it’s because the phone was a gift, a second-hand purchase, or you tried the process and you don’t know if it was complete, you can follow these tips to check the status of your device.

Find the Cydia app

The easiest and first thing you should do to check if your iPhone is jailbroken is search for the Cydia app. It is very easy to locate it, as its icon is well known.

In case you are completely unaware of the subject, you can read this complete guide on Cydia and start looking for the brown icon with the image of a box. For that you can go through the pages of the home screen or search through the spotlight.

Jailbreak Cydia
The Cydia app is the way to check the jailbreak.

Unknown apps and settings

Sometimes Cydia may be hidden. This thanks to one of the tools that you can find on the same platform. In case you want to investigate more to be sure that you do not have a jailbreak that is going unnoticed, you can identify it through these characteristics:

  • Features that do not exist in original iOS. They can be, changes in the interface, other transitions and extensions or additional tools in apps.
  • New sections and adjustments in the configuration of the iPhone and applications.
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The jailbreak changes many of the characteristics of the system of an iPhone.

Desktop apps

Finally, there are desktop apps that are usually paid, but in addition to offering functions such as file transfer between iPhone and computer, memory cleaning and iPhone storage; They also have a section to view jailbreak information.

In this section you will find data such as the serial number, available space, network data and also a row with the indicator that tells you whether or not your iPhone is jailbroken at the moment.

CopyTrans is one of the options, it is costly and it is only available for Windows.

Jailbreak signs

Some ways to identify the jailbreak is with these details that as a user you can detect:

  • Battery performance changes
  • Sudden and continuous device crashes and reboots
  • Advertising within apps
  • Accounts with apps that are not available in the AppStore
  • Duplicate icons

These faults on the iPhone they are usually due to the saturation of Tweaks or active functions, due to the dubious origin of the packages and installation of harmful repositories, and due to the wrong procedure when jailbreaking your device.

So, if you plan to carry out this process You can read this short tutorial on how to jailbreak devices with iOS 14 and thus have the security of doing it the right way, avoiding future problems.

In case your iPhone has jailbreak you should not be alarmed, you can restore your iPhone by saving a backup for any inconvenience and thus eliminate it completely. Remember that the jailbreak is reversible at any time you want.