Watch out Harry Potter, Voldemort has come to the Elden Ring

Watch out Harry Potter, Voldemort has come to the Elden Ring

While best known for its open world design, combat-oriented gameplay, and some of the most iconic boss fights in recent years, Elden Ring is also home to an incredibly complex character creator.

Although it is technically challenging to use effectively due to its complicated swiping system, once players understand the character creator of Elden Ring, they can use it to create almost any character. This ability to recreate popular characters or create entirely new ones in a hyper-realistic creator makes for extremely engaging gameplay and interactions.

Considering the prevalence of magical creations in Elden Ring, perhaps it’s fair to say that the game’s character creator is a “magical” tool in the right hands. This has perhaps never been more true than recently, when a player decided to create a very popular, yet incredibly evil, magical character in the game. That character was none other than the villain of Harry Potter, Voldemort.

Now, reddit user Stankwad decided to capture the dark lord of the wizarding world in Lands Between, using the character creator. Stankwad even managed to give the character a smiling look, perfectly capturing the powerful wizard’s smug confidence.

Naturally, since Voldemort is one of the most powerful wizards, Stankwad used a sorcery build on the character, showcasing a few spells, including Comet Azur, one of the Elden Ring’s legendary spells.

Stankwad has done an amazing job of capturing ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ in the game. Once again, Elden Ring proves to be a most varied title with its almost limitless opportunities for character creativity.