Apparently, the idea of ​​including Jared Leto’s version of the Joker was never part of the plans considered by someone important in the production of The Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad will be the next movie of the DC Extended Universe, regarding Warner Bros., but despite being so close to its premiere, many considerations are still being evaluated. The film defined its plot in the midst of thousands of decisions that could change the course of history. One of them has to do with the choice of the characters that will finally appear.

As commented James GunnBefore organizing the final squad lineup that will be seen on screen, there were many options. The writer was tempted to use great characters that have been part of the team in the comics. Deathstroke Y Mr. Freeze Y Man-bat were some of those that were not taken into account until the end of the process.

However, there is a much commented absence and it is that of the Joker. The most popular villain of Dc comics it could have easily been part of the argument, but it won’t. It should be remembered that Jared Leto made his debut playing this enemy in the version of David Yesterday by Suicide Squad.

But … Would Leto repeat in character this time? This was said by the director of the upcoming release: “I just don’t know why Joker would be in the Suicide Squad. It wouldn’t be helpful in that kind of war situation. “, affirmed to New York Times.

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This would reaffirm once again that James Gunn he’s less interested in fan service than in keeping his style. The appearance of the maniac in the previous footage, made the character wasted and even the actor’s performance was strongly criticized. Logical, since it is a being that has the potential to be a protagonist, but in the story it did not have much space. Part of the public demanded little exposure.

To avoid conflicts, the filmmaker was emphatic and reaffirmed that he never considered including it in his work. Thus, without the Joker, The Suicide Squad will premiere on August 6 in theaters and HBO Max.