Warzone will not leave PlayStation, says Activision

Warzone will not leave PlayStation, says Activision

After being bought by microsoft, ActivisionBlizzard ensured that many of its existing franchises would still be released for consoles PlayStation, although it is easy to assume that they will eventually be exclusive to Xbox. There is some concern about Call of Duty and Warzone in particular, but it seems that this battle royale won’t go away from PlayStation. At least not for now.

ActivisionBlizzard recently published an official FAQ, and in one question they are asked how it is that the agreement with microsoft could affect existing association agreements, and the answer was as follows:

“We will fulfill all existing commitments after the closure. As with Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft, we have no intention of removing any content from the platforms it currently exists on.”

So as you can see, war zone and the other games ActivisionBlizzard that are already available in PlayStation they won’t go away completely. We don’t know what will happen in the future with these franchises, but due to how popular it continues to be war zone, it is possible that it will always exist in PlayStation, especially after the statements of Phil Spencer.


Publisher’s note: I think the idea of ​​Call of Duty becoming an Xbox exclusive franchise sounds pretty far fetched. Of course it can happen, but they would be isolating a lot of players, and many of them literally have a console just to play the titles of this saga.

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Warzone will not leave PlayStation, says Activision

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