Warzone, turns invisible skin #ActivisionBlizzard

Warzone, turns invisible skin #ActivisionBlizzard

Recently there have been several complaints regarding the game Call of duty warzone, which is still popular.

It is unfortunate that his community seems to be presenting one bug after another, and as if the disrepair with which he debuted was not enough. Warzone pacific, now the community has to deal with skins that make the players who use them invisible.

Apparently this problem has become a constant and its users of social networks have reported that there are invisible skins in Call of duty warzone, since it is about a bug that causes the opponent’s character’s body to become invisible and that the only thing that can be seen is a floating head that is loading weapons.

This issue causes part of the player to still follow well, but it is impossible to deny that this situation puts some at a disadvantage, since after all, this can represent a key advantage in Battle Royale.

So far it is not clear which skins are affected by this error, but it is believed that at the moment it only affects Wraith from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 3.

Now about this problem, Raven Software issued a statement in which he assured that they are aware of the situation: “We are aware of reports that certain skins are appearing invisible in Warzone. Please wait while we investigate the problem. ”

This problem could be less complicated, but it seriously worsens the current situation, since the worst of all this is that it is not the first time that the community has to put up with players who use a skin to become invisible.

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In case you don’t remember, just last week, Raven Software and Activision released a patch to fix a bug that made the skin Awoken for the operator Francis turned it invisible, then, it is believed that said problem had caused a lot of anger in the community, since they considered it to be a pay to win.