If you are a regular player of Call of Duty: WarzoneSurely at least in one of your daily games you encountered hackers or cheaters taking advantage of the constant bugs. This situation, unfortunately, is already as predictable as the toxic gas that stalks Verdansk. And while Activision continues with its waves of bans, like the one that occurred the week before, b.

According to information from Respawn Entertainment, the studio responsible for maintaining Warzone, last week they expelled more than 50,000 players for violating their usage policy. The number, while gigantic, makes it appear that Activision is doing enough to offer a hacker-free experience. However, that belief is somewhat far from reality. Although on paper it is an important movement, the root problem remains unaddressed.

As the community of Warzone on many other occasions, the biggest drawback is that cheats come back with relative ease. What is the use of expelling thousands of players, if in a few days they will return to their practices? It would be interesting to know, for example, how many hackers have been kicked out on more than one occasion. The resulting percentage would tell us how effective this practice is.

Months ago, Activision assured that its measures against hackers and cheaters would be more severe. For example, they promised to resort to hardware ban, a technique that allows the computer or console of the person involved to be blacklisted, not just their account. However, we do not know how many players have been sent off using this technique. On the other hand, they pointed out that they had their sights set on manufacturers and distributors of hardware and software dedicated to cheating in Warzone. Unfortunately it seems that no proposal took effect.

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Having so many hackers in Warzone is causing some users quit the battle royale until Activision solves, at a minimum, the main problems. The company must end its community complaints before it is too late. On the way comes what is probably the most serious rival of Warzone since its launch: Battlefield 2042. Although it will not have a battle royale as such, it will offer a game mode that promises to give a fresh air to action and survival titles.