warn your colleagues to explore their world with their cooperative mod

warn your colleagues to explore their world with their cooperative mod

We have serious doubts that more content can be included for Skyrim, but the community is determined to further support the Bethesda artwork. This time one of the most interesting mods that the game can receive is approaching, since it will allow us to enjoy the title in the company of our friends.

That’s right, Skyrim Together Reborn is the name given to the improved revision of the old mod released in 2019. Leaving the beta phase behind and reaching a full version 1.0, its creators intend for it to be finally published on July 8, this Friday.

And it is that the work of the group has increased in the last year with the release of Skyrim Anniversary Edition and get a compatible version. The addition of more modders has accelerated the project, so we can enjoy the fantasy lands between two and eight players at the same time.

One of the users must act as the host of the game, being able to activate the conversations with the NPCs and showing a common progress history for all the participants. For the more belligerent, PvP can be turned on if desired, though keep an eye on your weapons as inventory pause is not enabled. However, from The Together Team they warn of potential problems, since it is a work done by fans:

Turning a single player game into a multiplayer game without source code is next to impossible, especially with a development team consisting of a handful of students doing this for free in their spare time.

Please keep this in mind when playing Reborn. The mod will not be perfect. Occasionally it will crash, some missions won’t progress, there will be bugs. This cannot be fixed. This is the reality of making a multiplayer mod instead of having a huge studio like Bethesda to make a multiplayer game.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that not sure if Skyrim Together Reborn will work with all mods. To be clear, a complete list of compatibilities will be published on Github, although the group recommends not installing any. Finally, you won’t be able to play the VR versions, the Game Pass version, or versions prior to 1.6 of the Special Edition in multiplayer.

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