For users who are not yet aware of this issue, the world is facing a semiconductor shortage that is affecting all companies globally and, therefore, to final consumers. And it not only affects the consumer electronics sector, but many other sectors such as the automobile sector have seen their growth slow as a result.

Apparently, as they tell us from Bloomberg, this problem does not seem to improve since, During August 2021, the industry reached a record 21-week lead time.

A significant increase from July data

In detail, This increase represents a difference of up to six days with respect to the waiting times suffered by the industry in July 2021. Therefore, companies that order large quantities of semiconductors are forced to temporarily freeze their production until they can supply their products with these types of components.

In fact, at the end of last month, companies like Xiaomi were forced to increase the price of some of their products as a result of this shortage, even reaching a difference close to 23 euros to the change in some of their devices, something that could continue to increase if the problem did not reverse.

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In addition, this report shared by Bloomberg tells us that the delivery times of analog chips and Broadcom have also worsened, with the automotive industry being the most affected, with an estimated loss of close to US $ 110 billion in total sales, almost nothing.

Via | Bloomberg