Volvo launches logo. The Swedish brand joins the strategy of other manufacturers to implement a new brand identity, which will be extended to all divisions of the Göteborg firm. A simpler, flatter and more modern style that will be seen in future models that will arrive from 2023.

Volvo has decided to change its brand image by betting on a new logo, which will be standard in all areas of the Swedish manufacturer. From social networks and in all divisions – passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and even the nautical sector – this new badge will be shared.

A common profile that bets on a more modern and simple style, in monochrome a general level. Because, each division will use a colors determined to differentiate from each other, although it will not change the font of the letter, nor the capital style that represents Volvo, although it will maintain the distance between the letters. A style they call “blocked text”.

The current Volvo emblem will wear until 2023, when it will be replaced on cars

Volvo’s new logo will hit their cars in 2023

The hoop has gone completely flat, from what we can already tell goodbye to the chrome frame that for so many years has characterized the insignia, abandoning the three-dimensional effect that had been used until now. A trend that was common a few years ago but has now been discontinued by most manufacturers.

Like Volkswagen, BMW and Renault, betting on a simplicity that no longer conveys feelings of depth. This new graphic format is intended to do so most recognizable in the digital marketTherefore, it will soon be visible in the online business areas of all Volvo’s national divisions.

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For now, the Swedish brand’s passenger models will continue to maintain the current insignia until 2023. In two years, future models -both of any type of propulsion- will wear the new insignia with inserts of a specific color that, for now, the brand still keeps secret.