Vodafone TV integrates a new online streaming platform

Vodafone TV integrates a new online streaming platform

Vodafone keep adding multimedia content to your offer. A few days ago we learned that TNT Now was being added to the platform offering, and today the operator announced the addition of Facebook Watch, the facebook video platform with a wide range of original content, including live content and even games or news.

Facebook Watch is a place to discover and enjoy Facebook videos, unifying content, community and conversation in one place. The application joins others that are available in the Vodafone TV deco, such as YouTube, Eurosport Player, National Geographic Now, LaLiga SportsTV, Tidal and much more.

Original content and series

With Facebook Watch, we find a wide range of videos from games, sports, music and live content. Among them we find Red Table Talk, a US talk show starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Jada’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, which premiered on May 7, 2018 on Facebook Watch. The show, which now has four seasons with a total of 103 episodes, is an Emmy Award winner.

With Facebook Watch we can not only see content, but we can also comment them with other people in real time, offering a personalized and interactive viewing experience. Plus, you can discover new content based on what your friends are watching and catch up on your favorite shows.

Discover viral content or the favorite of your friends

You can see contents in the application without using your Facebook account, although the most advisable thing is to use the account to have personalized recommendations and to be able to see the contents that our friends see. To start using the app, you just have to go to the application catalog and hit the Facebook Watch icon. There, we can find categories such as the most talked about videos, videos that are making people laugh, or the category that allows us to know what our friends are watching.

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Facebook Watch has been available since 2017 in the United States, and arrived in Spain in August 2018. The original content is all produced by third parties, and the advertising revenue generated is shared in a proportion of 55% for the creator of the content, and a 45% for Facebook. Additionally, Facebook pays tens of thousands of dollars for each episode of entertainment content. In the case of series, the proposed amount rises to 250,000 and one million dollars.