VIX thrashes Azteca Deportes and Ricardo Salinas enters the field

VIX thrashes Azteca Deportes and Ricardo Salinas enters the field

Since last February vix announced that it would be broadcasting matches live through its streaming platform in which they have invested Televisa Y Univision. It took five months for his publicity promise to become a romance with the Juarez-Necaxa game, taking over his rights and leaving Azteca Deportes out of the game. Ricardo Salinas He had to enter the field.

The businessman said that due to the goal in transmission rights that Vix gave Azteca Siete, leaving him only with the rights of Mazatlán, Puebla, Chivas, Santos and Atlas, he is already working on the acquisition of new agreements, a phenomenon that in Mexico moves millions of dollars by companies like Fox Sports.

It has been a program by Ricardo Salinas (Personal Marking) that revealed the millions of dollars that this US chain spends on Mexican teams, to be able to broadcast their matches.

The figures mentioned at that time added 23 million dollars to the Rayados de Monterrey. Santos Laguna obtains 14 million dollars from this chain. Pachuca and León obtain 13.5 and 13 million dollars, respectively. The Tijuana Xolos get $12 million.

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Streaming matured its advertising promises of broadcasting football matches live and what seemed harmless or at least not dimensioned, has become a new problem to be considered by traditional mediawho have to think about how to respond to this new competitor at the negotiating tables with teams, to get transmission rights.

We have already realized the millions of dollars that traditional networks like Fox Sports pay to broadcast matches of Mexican teamsSo now we have to ask, what will the media like Azteca Deportes do to take advantage of this new configuration for taking rights And there seems to be a scheme that has lost sight of not taking the Netflix effect on sports seriously.

A HUS study explains that in the United States, where there is very little passion for soccer, compared to markets such as Mexico, 50 percent of those surveyed said they are willing to pay for the streaming of these meetings.

There is an obligatory job that the directors of Azteca Deportes have to solve at a forced pace and that is to create a streaming product that brings the channel to this audience that in Mexico has already normalized the consumption of live sports through an app or on their television. intelligent or with access to new services.


The streaming of content that was traditionally consumed in traditional media such as television or pay television has added new products to the market, making these apps true war mines that when stepped on through the old channels or resolve with a product of the same nature to get out of that quagmire or die.

Nielsen made an interesting study of how much time the streaming occupies of the total content consumed on a TV screen. The average is 30 percent, against 37 percent for consumer cable content and 25 percent for open TV.

That is the 30 percent that the traditional media that cover sporting events must work on and the new business objective in Azteca Deportes.

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