Vips allows pets to enter its restaurants, but this is the only condition that it puts

Vips allows pets to enter its restaurants, but this is the only condition that it puts

Entering commercial premises or restaurants accompanied by pets has become increasingly common, due to the importance that these animals have in the lives of consumers, with lifestyles where opportunities and places are prioritized, in which assistance with pets not be a problem, such as Vips has clarified to its diners, warning the only condition that it imposes to be able to enter its restaurants in this situation.

The fact is a reminder of how important it is for consumers to have spaces adapted to their needs, especially when it comes to adding a product to their reality.

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The condition of Vips to its guests

If you want to enter Vips accompanied by your pet, you only have to bear in mind that you must look for a brand restaurant that has a terrace, otherwise you will not be able to consume in the rest of its establishments.

The measure has been confirmed by the brand’s CM when it was questioned whether they accepted people with pets in their stores and it is a habit that grows among these stores, given the audacity that brands have when understanding what is valuable to them. consumer, when interacting in the market.

These decisions that are made at the point of sale to add to the consumer’s habits do not always arrive on time. In August 2021 we reported the story of Rafael Sarmiento, when he reported poor service to the Suntory Restaurant, a sister restaurant to Shu Restaurant, for the protocols with which they prevent diners with different abilities from entering the latter, which is an act of discrimination.

Sarmiento published that he experienced a shameful act, when the Shu restaurant in Acapulco denied him entry to the premises in the company of the assistance dog of a child with autism.

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