Vinland Saga Reveals New Character and Season 2 Details

Vinland Saga Reveals New Character and Season 2 Details

The launch of the second season of Vinland Sagaand although the return of the anime will be early next year, it will bring back Thorfinnhe will not be alone, we say this because in a recent interview, the director of the next season, Shuhei Yubata, took the opportunity to explore the new character that will be introduced in the second season of Einar and how it will relate to the story of the protagonist. from the first season.

That’s right, the director Shuhei Yubata had the following to say about the newest character to become the “pillar” from the second season of the Vinland Saga, with Thorfinn still set to have a major role in the anime series that introduced this Viking tale to a number of new fans.

“The axis of the beginning of the second season is definitely Einar. He left a strong impression on me when I read the manga, so when we outlined the series, Seko and I started discussing where his strength came from. I didn’t. I think we could begin to trace the series until we understood the source of its strength”.

Furthermore, Yabuta also used the moment to address Thorfinn’s condition following the dramatic ending of the first season of the first season of Vinland Saga: “One thing we talked about was what kind of condition Thorfinn was in when he came back from the first season. We couldn’t use him effectively as a character without finding out how much wildness there was left in him.”

“Thorfinn and Einar’s relationship was also essential. part of the story in terms of its watchability and entertaining factor, so I’m glad we spent so much time on it. When we completed the outline of the series, we felt that we had made great progress.

“We strive to portray him with the same strength and kindness that we feel from him in the manga. The challenge was how to combine those two to make his character. The way Einar relates to Thorfinn at first is superficially different from the source material, but the foundation of it hasn’t changed. Think of it as new scenes being born in the process of trying to get Einar closer to the manga version of him.”