Victory Royale for NVIDIA and Epic Games

Victory Royale for NVIDIA and Epic Games

Did you miss playing Fortnite from your iPhone or iPad? We have some very good news: after a long absence and a resounding withdrawal from the Apple AppStore, the hit battle royale will return starting next week to iOS devices thanks to GeForce Now, NVIDIA’s cloud game.

The essential: through the official GeForce Now website it has been confirmed that next week it will be launched in a closed beta of Fortnite via GeForce NOW which will allow you to play on streaming via the iOS Safari web browser plus the GeForce NOW app for Android.

From here it is necessary to clarify that this first phase it is a closed beta whose registrations to participate are already open, which will serve to test the quality of the service and prepare the final launch with an extra interesting addition: new touch controls.

A Victory Royale for NVIDIA and Epic Games

The disappearance of Fortnite from iOS and the AppStore was the direct consequence of a deep disagreement between Epic Games and Apple that reached the courts. Despite Epic’s request to bring back Fortnite, the apple company concluded that in-game purchases had to be made within the terms and conditions of its app store.

A very lucrative bite for the Cupertino company that makes it, by the way, generate more revenue than Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony. Above all, having Epic requested to the courts that Fortnite return to the Apple App Store after losing 60% of active users on iOS.

A) Yes, the return of Fortnite is a master play for both Epic and NVIDIA. The former return bypassing the Apple store through their browsers, just as Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming does, while the latter gain privileged positions among cloud gaming services such as Xbox or Google Stadia, having in fact so the exclusivity of one of the most popular games of the last decade.

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Fortnite was already included in the GeForce Now service, although so far only could only be played from desktops. Of course, its return to iOS is also a powerful boost to GeForce Now service, which offers a totally free limited plan and a payment option that allow longer game sessions and lighter waits when starting the game. A win-win for both and a brilliant move to circumvent for Apple’s policies.