Dragon Ball Super has reached a climactic point between Vegeta, Goku, and Granola. This time, Vegeta is the one who takes the lead in the fight proving why he is the king of the saiayn. Although his community of fans was excited, the fan arts of the franchise show that the public wants to see him fused with Goku again.

Before his long-awaited fight in Dragon Ball Super, we see that the Heata hitmen that Granola worked with have been able to summon Shen-Long, the dragon capable of fulfilling any wish.. So that no one interrupts his long-awaited wish, Elec, their leader, has sent two of his henchmen to stop Goku and Vegeta.

Unfortunately for our heroes, it seems that the end has come.

The wish Elec made with the Dragon Balls has been to grant all power to Gas. A few scenes later, he shows off his devastating new form by destroying Granola’s ship and then piercing it with a spear created with his energy. Finally, he gives the Cerealian an ultimatum: With me as Heata’s military force, we don’t need you.

If the most powerful villain that Goku and Vegeta had faced in Dragon Ball Super fell so easily, what is the future that awaited them?? In fact, shortly after Granola, Goku himself has fallen victim to Gas’s unparalleled power with the power of the Dragon Balls.

dragon ball super 78 gas vegeta

Neither warrior is a worthy adversary for Gas in Dragon Ball Super. Not even Monaito is able to heal Goku’s wounds with his abilities, so they have to go to the hermit’s seeds as with his combat against Cell, Frieza or Dr. Gero. For the first time, Goku decides to protect Vegeta trusting that his Megainstinto (or Ultra Ego) will be enough to stop Gas..

But Goku did not have his pride of the king of the saiyan Vegeta who in a gesture of kindness and empathy, gives the hermit’s seed to Granola, saving his life.

dragon ball super 78 vegeta gas granola

And with his last words in chapter 78 of Dragon Ball Super 78 he emboldens the cerealiano: ¿¡¿do you think I can do something so cowardly ?! They are your enemies !!, right ?! Then finish this with your bare hands!!!

Who is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super?

Vegeta IV (ベ ジ ー タ 四 世), recognized as Prince Vegeta (ベ ジ ー タ 王子) is the co-star of Dragon Ball Super. He is the eldest son of King Vegeta III, as well as the youngest prince of the Saiyan race and one of the few survivors after the Saiyan genocide of the planet Vegeta of Universe 7, at the hands of Freeza. During his first encounter with Goku he acted as his antagonist and destroyer.

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In Dragon Ball Z, shortly after his confrontation with Kakarotto, he decides to rebel against the Empire of Frieza, becoming a key ally for the Z Warriors. From the beginning he becomes a great force against the powerful villains who seek to destroy the Earth, your new home.

At Dragon Ball Super Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc, Vegeta demonstrates his biggest change, saving a Namekian boy from being killed by Molo. For the first time, he explicitly says that he regrets all the harm he did to an alien race like Sayan and wishes to redeem himself for his actions, thus demonstrating a change never seen before.

In fact, In the current arc of Dragon Ball Super, he has saved Granola, Monaito and promises to be one of the saviors of the planet Cereal from the hands of Heata’s hitmen.

Meanwhile, in the last chapters of Dragon Ball Super they have been directed to know the true past of Goku, our powerful warrior. Especially from Bardock, the father of our protagonist.

For its part, in the current arc of Dragon Ball Super, we are getting to know the life of the family of Goku and Granola, his current antagonist. Although, it seems that very soon they will have to join forces against a greater evil.

dragon ball fan art stranger things

If you are interested in being aware of the most recent chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga and of Goku’s path as one of the most powerful warriors in his universe, we recommend you to be aware of Manga Plus by Shueisha.

Surely, like Cell or Freeza who have returned in the recent chapters of this incredible saga, We may see Super Buu back. Although, we do not know if as a powerful and fearsome villain or as a great ally. For the sake of Goku and company, let’s hope he doesn’t go back to the side of evil.