The thermometers go down, the days are getting shorter and there is more desire to stay home. We come with a new weekly menu full of varied recipes to suit everyone. Trusting that our proposals will help and inspire you when preparing for lunch or dinner without repeating yourself.

We want to open our culinary horizons a bit and get out of the usual dishes, so we welcome November with proposals in which nothing is missing: vegetables, legumes, rice, meats, eggs, fish and much more. Not forgetting the sweets and desserts to sweeten our days as we deserve.




Potato omelette stuffed with camembert cheese




Fondant potatoes

Fondant potatoes


Appetizers and snacks

  1. (Very) Spicy Cashew Nut Chipotle Dip
  2. Tershi or creamy pumpkin and garlic pate
  3. Smoked salmon and cheese spirals

Breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats

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