The console will hit the market in three models.

The success of Nintendo Switch in the video game market has led others to see that the hybrid console formula presented by Nintendo works, which gives rise to other companies launch with their own proposals, this being the case of Valve, the famous company behind Steam, the digital PC platform, which a few months ago it announced Steam Deck, a portable console that would move to the great titles of Steam.

It is because of that since its announcement this console has caused great expectation, since, faced with the technical limitations of Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck has been seen moving PC titles without any problem, which could mean that we can play titles like GTA V in portable mode (for example). Nevertheless, even though many thirds parties have confirmed that their games will be compatible, the truth is the interest of users is to know if there will be exclusive games on Steam Deck.

Steam Deck runs out of exclusive games according to Valve

Under this premise, recently Valve has confirmed that they have no interest in releasing exclusive games on the Steam Deck, in the same way that they do not want other studios to release exclusive games on this system. Of course, far from just saying this with a clear and concise answer, there is a justification behind this, since according to the words of company representatives, launching exclusive games would not make sense, since, being a PC, you should play PC games

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This joins the console ability to use third-party applications, so that it could run platforms that are not even part of Steam, being the closest thing to a laptop. Nevertheless, the key to this rejection is because they would be limiting themselves, since we cannot forget that Valve’s main market is on the PC.

Thus, could help sell consoles, but the truth is that the sales market would be limiting a lot, since it is not known if the console will be a success, so this could mean that large titles do not sell what they should if they fail.

Having said all this, it should be noted that Steam Deck should have released in the weeks to come. However, the situation that the world is experiencing with the health crisis caused a delay in its launch to February 2022.

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