The well-known “drift” has been one of the most annoying manufacturing errors that have plagued the controllers of practically all platforms in recent years, especially in the case of the Nintendo Switch Joycons, which are destined to fail in a matter of time, reaching the point that a court has forced Nintendo to have to fix them for free (although only in the United States).

Given this concern on the part of gamers when buying new hardware, Valve hopes to avoid annoying drift on Steam Deck analogs.

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Taking into account the nightmares that many users have experienced in recent years with the drift, which makes the analog detect movement even when in a neutral position, it is not surprising than IGN, in a recent interview with Valve, have wanted to inquire into this question.

Valve engineers and developers have commented that they are aware of user concerns on this issue, have done a great deal of testing for device reliability and believe users will be ‘super happy’ on this. appearance. In addition, they have highlighted that The company has invested in high-quality parts to avoid the risk of drift on the Steam Deck.

Valve hopes to avoid annoying drift on Steam Deck analogs

We really hope that Steam Deck will be able to avoid the analog drift, which has plagued most devices in the industry lately. For the rest, we remind you that Steam Deck will allow you to access your library of Xbox Game Pass games.

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