Valve finally confirms the release date of the Steam Deck

Valve finally confirms the release date of the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck It is already in the final stretch towards its final launch. Valve confirmed that the first reservists will be able to complete the purchase of the long-awaited portable console from next February 25. Thus, the company set a specific date for the release of the device, which was originally due to arrive in December 2021.

Recall that the original release date of the Steam Deck was scheduled for the end of last year, however it was delayed until the beginning of February due to the shortage of chips. Gabe Newell’s company recently assured that it did not expect new delays for the sale of the console, although it indicated that the target date had been moved to the last days of next month.

This prediction has been accurate, after all, and implies that customers will finally be able to complete the device purchase process. Keep in mind that so far reservists have only paid a deposit to guarantee their unit and a good place on the delivery list.

As explained by Valve, the first batch of emails will be sent to those who have already reserved a Steam Deck on February 25. From that moment, the buyers will have a maximum of 72 hours to complete the acquisition of the device; if they do not do so within that time, their turn will be given to the next person on the list.

The Steam Deck will finally reach the hands of users

If you’re wondering how long reservists will have to wait to receive the console after confirming their purchase, we have the answer. Valve ensures that the first units of the Steam Deck will be delivered from February 28; that is to say that those who are at the top of the queue will receive the portable console in no more than three days.

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Logically, not everyone will be able to complete the purchase of their Steam Deck on the same February 25. The creators of the device indicated that every week they will launch new batches of emails to reach each of their clients, as they advance through the waiting list.

In this way, Valve begins to close the circle of the launch of its long-awaited video game console. And users will not only be able to treat themselves to trying out one of the gadgets gamer most anticipated of the last year, but also enjoy its promoted features; among so many, the new automatic cloud save system that promises to revolutionize multi-device gameplay.