The drift It’s one of the most common problems in the controls of a console. Of course, it seems that in some it is more present than in others, as is the case of the Nintendo switch, or even the problems of drift of DualSense that could take Sony to court. Because of this, many users have been interested in whether the Steam Deck, the portable “console” of Valve, you will have these kinds of problems during its lifespan.

Considering that the Steam Deck has built-in controls on the body of the device, it is even more important to know how long the sticks will last. But, we could finish finding ourselves in a situation very similar to that of the Switch lite, which requires complete disassembly to troubleshoot drifting that are presented quite likely after a while of use.

For this, Valve hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat, has commented to IGN that this laptop is prepared to withstand the elements of gamers. As commented Aldehayyat, none of the parts of the console will be eternal, but since Valve have tirelessly tested the operation of the sticks of his Steam deck to make sure there are not too many problems in the future.

We did a lot of reliability testing, on all fronts really, and all the inputs and different environmental factors and all that kind of stuff… We think this will work really well. And I think people will be super happy with it. I think it will be a great buy. I mean, obviously all parts will fail at some point, but we think people will be very satisfied and happy with this, “Yazan Aldehayyat told IGN.

The Steam Deck will officially go on sale in December of this same year, and will be available only in certain regions. You can now make the reservation of the «console», so stay tuned for all the news that will be arriving on Valve’s Steam Deck.

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