Valorant Community Criticizes New Battle Pass

Valorant Community Criticizes New Battle Pass

Seems like lately Riot games has not been making the best decisions regarding the Battle Passes of their various games. A few weeks ago there was dissatisfaction with this system among the players of League of Legends, and now the exact same thing is happening but in Valorant.

It happens that in the subreddit game official, users are complaining about the terrible battle pass of Valorant. Specifically, there are criticisms aimed at the experience boost.

“Have a 3% [de experiencia] it’s one of the funniest features I’ve ever seen in a game’s battle pass. I hope it increases in the following. The additional experience we gain is 4,500XP. But with 3% we have only 135XP ”.

I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty bad. I understand the developers don’t want there to be players earning too much or player retention or whatever, but I think it should be at least an additional 10% experience. “

The vast majority of users seem to agree with what is mentioned in this publication, although they also agree that it does not take a lot of experience to complete the battle pass. Riot still has a few days to correct it, as this new Battle pass will be launched on January 11


Via: Reddit

Valorant Community Criticizes New Battle Pass

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