Vacancies announced in Germany for doctors from Oaxaca

Vacancies announced in Germany for doctors from Oaxaca
  • Vacancies are announced in Germany for doctors and nurses from Oaxaca with a salary of 57 thousand pesos.
  • The organization explained that those interested should go to the Cultural and Convention Center of Oaxaca (CCCO), from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • They mentioned that in Mexico, nursing personnel are not valued and this is a good opportunity to develop and grow professionally.

The State Government through the Coordination of the Oaxaca National Employment Service (CSNEO), undertook the recruitment for the vacancy of doctors and nursesthrough the Federal Labor Agency in Germany “Bundesagentur Für Arbeit – Das Bringt Mich Weiter”, and representatives of hospitals in this country.

The agency explained that the interested parties must go to the Cultural and Convention Center of Oaxaca (CCCO), from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., presenting their title and professional license, in addition to being available to travel, to be selected from among the 120 places on offer.

Those selected will have a salary of 57 thousand pesos per month, in addition to other benefits.

Who can participate?

The job bank is looking for doctors and registered nurses from Oaxaca, with Certificate and specialty in emergency in the operating roomin addition to pediatricians and anesthesiologistsindicated Mildret Hilaria Sánchez Franco, head of the outreach department of the National Employment Service, and María Raquel Mondragón Calvo, head of External Mobility and in charge of recruitment.

Place of work, number of vacancies and salary

The health personnel would work in two clinics in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, from the University of Salzburg, where they have 60 vacancies.

  • The square will have a net monthly salary of 57 thousand pesos.
  • The flights and the visa of the doctors who are recruited will be paid, in addition, they will have a course with a three-month scholarship to learn German.
  • There will be homologation of documents, indefinite contract, law benefits and economic support to settle in the region.

Germany thinks that doctors are not appreciated in Mexico

The person in charge of the program affirmed that the Europeans, particularly the Germans, They look favorably on medical professionals graduated from public universities for their experience. In particular, he indicated, those workers who have work experience in rural areas.

“They know the quality and the work that Oaxacans have.”

The officials detailed that this recruitment has been carried out in other states such as Chiapas, Puebla, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Colima and Chihuahua. Thus, They denied that there is the possibility of some type of fraud in the hiringsince the program is endorsed by the Federal Placement Society and the German government, after signing an agreement with Mexico.

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Meanwhile, Leslie Valencia, director of the State Employment Service, pointed out that the recruitment of doctors and nurses was public and the selection was made at the headquarters of the Convention Center, where the interviews of the applicants were conducted. Some of the applicants pointed out that the process “is a challenge that we are willing to face, because it is a great opportunity to get ahead.”

They indicated that, unfortunately, in Mexico, medical professionals are not appreciated or valued.

“I believe that, after what happened in the covid-19 pandemic, doctors and nurses should be more valued by our country,” said Samuel Cruz, a graduate of the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca’s medical school.

The nurse graduated from the Regional University of the Southeast, Miriam Mayren Vilar, agreed when stating that “In Mexico, nursing personnel are not valued and this is a good opportunity to develop and grow professionally.”

For more information, telephone (951) 501 50 00 extension 12543 and 12911, or online at the following address:; where specialized personnel will be in charge of attending to the doubts and approaches of the population.

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