V Rising is positioned as the best seller of PC Gaming on Steam

V Rising is positioned as the best seller of PC Gaming on Steam

The community of PC Gaming players has before them the possibility of enjoying a large number of video games that are available on the video game digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation, so we will tell you what V Rising is about, the Steam’s best-selling video game.

Something that seems quite curious to us is the fact that the video game finds a quite striking offer when you want to buy the V Rising + DLC Bundle video game, so in the next few days you will be able to acquire this video game along with its expansion of release until offer lasts.

This video game is in the first place of the best-selling video games on Steam and we will tell you a little about what awaits you in this great adventure. V Rising, has very positive general reviews from the entire community that purchased it on its launch day this May 17, as a premise:

Wake up as a vampire weakened after centuries of slumber. Go hunting for blood to regain your strength, while hiding from the scorching sunlight. Rebuild your castle and transform humans into your loyal servants on a quest to raise your vampire empire. Make allies or enemies playing online or play only offline, challenging holy soldiers and battling in the war of a world plunged into conflict.

An open world of Gothic style

Explore a vast world brimming with mythological horrors and danger. Travel through lush forests, vast rural fields, and dark caverns to uncover valuable resources, making both friends and enemies along the way. Enter this world alongside your vampire comrades or be the lone hunter as you pillage villages, raid bandits, and delve into the domain of supernatural beasts.

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Fear the light – rule the night

Stay in the shadows during the day, or the scorching sunlight will burn you to ash. Prowl at night and stalk your victims in the dark. As a vampire, you must quench your thirst for blood while planning what strategies to carry out during the day or night.

raise your castle

Collect resources and discover ancient techniques to gain dark powers. Use the knowledge acquired to build a castle where you can store your loot and raise your army of darkness. Customize your domain, show off your vampiric style, and be sure to create coffins for the repose of your servants and friends. Fortify your castle and protect your precious treasures from rival vampires.