Many are the artifacts that at the time of cooking can make the task easier; among them, the microwave can help you eat healthier. We tell you why, how to use it safely and 43 recipes that we can do with it at home.

Here’s how using the microwave can help you eat healthier

Faced with a hectic pace of life and lack of time to dedicate ourselves to cooking, the microwave is the perfect device to help us take back the homemade food and improve the quality of our diet without this demanding extra time and effort.

Also, because the microwave does not apply fire or direct heat to food, allows to conserve nutrients and antioxidant activity. In addition, it is an excellent way to steam cooking in no time for example, vegetables, fish and other ingredients.

On the other hand, it is possible improve the taste and aroma of many foods, especially fruit and vegetables, due to the steam cooking applied to them.

As if that were not enough, making certain cuts in some foods and arranging them properly in the microwave, we can achieve dishes very similar to frying without adding fat in excess, and considerably improving the nutrients in the dish.

Without a doubt, the microwave is a ally when cooking healthier Above all, if we are not lovers of cooking or do not have enough time to dedicate ourselves to it.

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How to use your microwave properly and safely

The microwave heats and cooks food mobilizing water particles that they have inside, using electromagnetic waves.

The safety in the use of the microwave depends largely on the integrity and cleanliness of the appliance, according to WHO. In other words, it is important that the door closes properly, that it is not dirty, modified or damaged, as this could favor the microwave leakage from it.

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On the other hand, to avoid explosions due to the accumulation of steam inside the food or preparations, it is always recommended make cuts in the skin of the food before cooking and use suitable containers for microwaves that do not degrade and alter during cooking; and that allow the elimination of the water vapor that is generated.

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It’s fundamental, do not place metal utensils, aluminum foil in the microwave oven or other containers that could rebound electromagnetic waves and cause, among other things, explosions or possible burns and accidents.

Finally, it is advisable to ensure that the food is cooked correctly, for which we must guarantee a adequate distribution of heat in our dishes, Otherwise, areas that are undercooked or that have not received insufficient heat can be a source of pathogenic microorganisms.

With all this, we can achieve a proper, healthy and safe use of the microwave oven to help us improve the quality of our diet.

The best dishes you can make in minutes in a microwave

As we said, the microwave It can be very useful when eating healthier without requiring extra time and effort in the kitchen. Therefore, we let 43 preparations that you can put into practice:

Recipes based on fruits and vegetables


Cereal or grain-based dishes

Wholemeal bread

Fish, seafood or meat-based preparations

Grilled sardines

Sweet microwave recipes


These are 43 microwave recipes to cook more even when we do not have much time available, and eat healthier easily.

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