Users join and open thread; they show the “random things” that Mercado Libre suggests

Users join and open thread;  they show the “random things” that Mercado Libre suggests

A user opened a thread on Twitter asking the community to show the “things random” that Market Free sells, these are some of them.

The e-retail companiesAlthough they were already available to request their services around the world, they ended up gaining the trust of consumers due to the pandemic (both old and new). According to information from Forbes, the decrease in social mobility caused by Covid-19, caused a considerable increase in the profits of the online sales in Mexico, managing to register the figure of 316 billion pesos (9 percent of the retail sector in the country), which means a growth of 81 percent during 2020 compared to 2019.

Today digital consumers have a high variety of companies that offer their ecommerce platforms so that they can buy different types of products, thanks to the wide Catalogue with which they have where different brands and entrepreneurs can sell their items; however, there are some that have achieved a higher position among users.

According to the graph of Statista where it shows the market share of the main e-commerce companies in Mexico during 2019, Amazon was positioned in the first place with the preference of 13.4 percent of Internet users, in second place Market Free with 11.4 percent, in third Group Coppel with 4.7 percent, in fourth Walmart Mexico with 3.7 percent and Liverpool in fifth with 3.4 percent.

Although an effective positioning of these brands is due to factors such as loyalty strategies, one of the reasons why these have managed to prevail is due to the high product offer that can be found, which are constantly offered by the algorithm of the companies on their platforms, although they do not necessarily relate to user searches.

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A user has opened a thread on Twitter where he invites Internet users to share the “things random”Sold in Market Free, achieving that a considerable number of people show some products that the platform’s algorithm offers them, which are not necessarily the articles they usually look for, but they still get their attention.

Different factors can come into play when these products are offered to their users, among them, the fact that those who upload the product to the platforms place some tags that do not belong to the product itself, but the algorithm of these also influences them. that mixes some products supposedly similar to those that the user is looking for, which do not always manage to be so successful, a fact that has undoubtedly resulted in more than one user buying items on the internet that they were not looking for.

This type of event does not belong exclusively to Mercado Libre, but is a fairly common occurrence in Amazon. Previously, a user showed what the platform’s algorithm is capable of, since it offered him a product that, despite being a bit too old to buy it, managed to get his attention, but unfortunately it was not enough for him.

Offering the products of our brands on ecommerce platforms opens up a good possibility of generating considerable sales, regardless of the type of items we offer.

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