Users figure out what to do if the doll appears on the Starbucks thread, thanks to La Costeña

Users figure out what to do if the doll appears on the Starbucks thread, thanks to La Costeña

Starbucks made his own rosca de reyes, but what to do if the doll comes out? Users reached a conclusion that involves a product of La Costeña.

Throughout the year there are some dates where Mexican families usually get together to carry out different traditions, not necessarily from Mexico, but that with the passage of time a considerable number of people have adopted, a fact that brands do not usually overlook. and they take advantage of it to raise their income. Among some of these traditions we can find the Day of the Dead, Halloween, Christmas and New Year, dates where each of these traditions usually promote the sale of some specific products or foods, such as the bread of the dead; However, after the new start of the year there is a tradition to close these dates, thanks to “the Kings Magicians“.

In this celebration, families usually spend large sums of money to buy gifts that will be distributed among themselves (or young children); according to the study of Statista where it shows the expenditure for gifts from Kings Day In Mexico during 2019 and 2020, it was recorded that 15.2 percent of the surveyed population spent less than 500 Mexican pesos, that 17.2 percent spent between 500 and 1,000 pesos, 14.9 percent between 1,000 and 1,500, 12 percent spent between 500 and 1,000 pesos. one hundred between 1,500 and 2,000, 12.1 percent between 2,000 and 3,000 pesos, and so on until reaching 4 percent that spends up to 5,000 pesos.

Similarly, one of the traditions of this date is cut the “rosca de Reyes”“, Which usually contains a doll inside and (putting religious beliefs aside for a moment), according to Mexican tradition, must go to buy tamales on February 2 on Candlemas Day.

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Various brands are responsible for offering their own version of the rosca de reyes with the doll inside her and Starbucks is no exception; taking into account that the brand is not the cheapest on the market, a user wondered where he should go to buy the Tamales of this thread, to which the users quickly thought of a solution, thanks to a specific product of The Costeña.

Users suggest that if the doll in the rosca de Reyes de Starbucks you should buy a tamale from The Costeña; However, it shows the importance and opportunity that brands have in offering a wide variety of products.

The arrival of the now known Tamales from La Costeña It attracted the attention of Mexican consumers a few years ago, since this product is usually made in a more traditional way; However, the brand found a good positioning opportunity by offering this product in a massive way, which could not be found anywhere, while now they are already present in a considerable number of retail stores.

Offering a wide variety of products opens the possibility for different market niches to find or request the products or services of our brands. An example of this we have with Corona beer, when a user contracted Covid and did not know any beer, except for Corona Light (for some unknown reason), which although she likes it too much, is a good temporary alternative for that the consumer manages to satisfy her palate.

Offering a greater variety of products opens the possibility for consumers to find within our catalog an option that allows them to satisfy their needs, as well as increase our sales.

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