Users of the social network Twitter have placed the brand of sneakers and casual clothing, Converse, referring to their new models as ugly and ensuring that they have rite with the essence of the brand, the user @teffoscarinci, posted a short video on the platform from another social network, which quickly went viral through Twitter where the user @guadastrokera, points out that “I never saw such ugly sneakers in my life, they ruined the converse that were humble sneakers by putting that shit down, it can’t be”, This has turned the sneaker brand into a trend, although the solution is lively, the polarity is very even with those who defend the new and risky style and those who opt for the casual and traditional.

The converse shoe store, from your site oficial defines itself as a company that lives through legends and heroes. The brand was founded by Marquis M. Converse in 1908, under the stigma of sports shoes, with more than 100 years visiting a changing society, the brand has been seen to innovate in terms of fabrics and products always created designs according to the fashion; However, it seems that this new era of models in sneakers is not completely liking the users of social networks who have had a heated discussion for a couple of hours on the subject of whether or not the new models are ugly. intends to bookmark the Converse signature.

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For his part so far the signature Converse through none of its official accounts has made any comment about what happened on Twitter or any other social network, although since the first publication was made, several users have mentioned the firm with the intention that it make their voice public; However, for now there is no response from the trend on social networks about sneakers and their new designs.

We will have to wait if the users keep the discussion on social networks and wait if the creative team of converse takes them into account for the search for innovative ideas in their next models, they opted for the casual with what they have dressed great stars of the musca, athletes and multiple celebrities, making the firm an essential and stylish brand in the daily lives of consumers, on the other hand, there are those who defend innovation by not being afraid of risk, as demonstrated by Converse with such an extravagant Line of designs that you have decided to launch in recent years.

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