User cheats Sam’s bot and demonstrates the importance of the human factor

User cheats Sam’s bot and demonstrates the importance of the human factor

The use of bots to provide pertinent follow-up to the complaints filed daily by users on social networks is an essential factor that allows appealing for coverage of increasingly active demands within the platforms; but nevertheless, this technology sometimes shows that it still does not meet the desired expectations and it is in a tweet like this where it is demonstrated, since a user deceives a bot, through an ironic comment posted within the social network.

It is increasingly common for companies to develop automatic responses to certain comments on social networks, seeking to give timely follow-up to the doubts that may arise from consumers; however, it should be mentioned that on occasionThe automatic responses of these bots are insufficient or do not reach the degree of understanding desired by Internet users, since as seen in the following tweet, they are not able to understand the irony that a comment made in the sense of comedy implies, which is why the lack of understanding and the need to add this factor to achieve more generated responses is evident. organic to meet consumer expectations.

With a tweet user fools Sam’s bot

The user of the digital platform Twitter @Seymus, made the following comment from his official account: “They say in @SamsClubMexico that the satisfaction policy does not apply if I run out of all the shells and return only the packaging. But hey, I wanted to be 100% sure I didn’t like them.” Within the network, the ironic meaning of the comment is understood; however, for the Artificial Intelligence that occupy the bots that perform automatic responses, interpreted the tweet as a complaint and therefore commented the following: Hi Seymus. We are sorry for this situation. We want to get in touch with you. Please send us your Membership number, telephone, Club where you visited us and more details to We will be waiting for your information! JR”.

It is worth mentioning that within the conversation no type of comment has been generated, which clarifies the situation of the official gang; however, if the need for chave effective customer service within social networks, since it is within this medium that the participation of at least 84.1 million connected users in Mexico during the year 2021 is estimated.

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For this reason, it is important to listen to clients and potential consumers who are present in networks, to know their thoughts and preferences. getting direct feedback, which is economical, effective and constant, therefore, investment in the development of technology should be sought, as well as the training of employees.

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