On many occasions we have talked to you about articles with which to improve your gaming corner, that piece of universe in which we are alone with our Xbox enjoying our favorite games.

It is normal that we want to take care of this space as much as possible, and the more personal it is, the better. That’s why we love items like custom lamps or merchandise items like replica video game helmets.

But not everything is about merely decorative elements, sometimes, we can make the gaming experience multiply, either with a good headset or a good sound bar, a good television, or good added lighting.

Govee, the famous premium lighting brand, has launched your summer discounts from July 13 to August 1, so it is a good time to get to know their products and give them an opportunity to expand our gaming experience.

Upgrade your gaming corner with Govee 2 summer discounts

Govee Aura Lamp

Smart lamps have been with us for several years, although with the emergence of digital assistants such as Alexa or Google Home, these have become the first purchase for domotize our house.
Although most smart lamps are similar in terms of functions, it is in the quality of their materials that we can see the main differences between an inexpensive smart lamp and a premium one.

The Govee aura It seeks to be a premium lamp packed with features at an affordable price. Govee has sent us a test Aura Lamp and for several weeks it has become indispensable. Connecting with Alexa is quick and easy, as well as having dozens of different options through Govee’s own app.

What we liked the most about the lamp is the music mode, where we can observe how the image that reflects changes based on the sound. This is great to listen to soft music while we read relaxed, or even while we play with our Xbox and see how the lamp emits light according to the sound of the game, which gives us a much more interesting experience when playing at night.

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If you are looking for a smart lamp for your bedside table, or for example to have on the living room furniture next to the TV and that you can control with voice commands, we recommend you take a look at this one.

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Upgrade your gaming corner with Govee 3 summer discounts

Govee Immersion

If you are looking for an LED lighting system for your television with which to enjoy your games more by adding an experience focused on immersion, do not hesitate, the Govee Immersion they’re for you.

We all know this type of LED strips, they are usually sold on pages like Aliexpress for little money, although they are simply limited to regulating a fixed color or a looping pattern of colors with a remote control. Something that has nothing to do with this system at all.

We have been testing them for almost a month and We can assure you that the result, both playing day and night, is spectacular and of impressive quality. It generates an aura of light by means of AI, replicating not only the colors, but also the “intensity” of the image, giving a stronger or dimmer light based on what we are seeing on the screen.

What’s more, the Goove Immersion system is made especially for gaming, so even in fast games and frenetic situations we will see how the refresh rate of the light is fast enough to replicate the image we are seeing.

In addition, it is fully compatible with Alexa or Google Home, so we can control the light with our voice, in addition to being able to control it with the Govee application like its other products.

If you want to obtain an amplified experience in your games and exploit the sensations playing to the maximum, do not hesitate, we recommend it.

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Upgrade your gaming corner with Govee 4 summer discounts

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What do you think of these products? If you have any extra lighting system let us know in the comments.

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