Update your workplace with the help of these devices from Misik

Update your workplace with the help of these devices from Misik

Derived from the current global health crisis, remote or remote work at home has become one of the main trends of the new normality, this is due to the fact that most sectors, including work, were forced to suddenly migrate a large number of tasks into a digital life, which was enhanced thanks to the rapid acceleration of technology and the foundation of social networks, which is why work spaces within homes began to take on a relevant position in the reality of millions of people, which is why now Misk shows you various items with which you can update your workplace quickly and easily.

The home office has remained one of the main trends after mandatory social confinement, due to the fact that it demonstrated considerable effectiveness and resource savings; however, data provided by Specialized mediapoint out that currently at least 16 percent of the world’s companies are 100 percent remote.

Similarly, it was revealed that at least 44 percent of companies worldwide have some type of remote work modality, a figure that demonstrates the growing importance of having an adequate space to work, which is why Misik has various articles with which it will be possible to give a new life to your office, allowing you to improve the atmosphere and the feeling of modernity in your work space.

Update your workplace with the help of these devices from Misik

Within an organized workspace, time is a key factor, which is why having a radio alarm clock like the one Misik offersIt allows maintain a more accurate control of the passage of timeLikewise, having adequate lighting intensifies the effectiveness of tasks, devices such as the 10” ring light with tripod by Msikallows to improve and control the intensity and tonality of the table light.

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Having privacy when working is essential, which is why MH650 hi-fi headphones, They have an audio quality and noise cancellation, which allows isolate yourself from the environment to improve concentration and optimize working hourswithout the need to recharge the batteries, since it has an integrated microphone to make and answer all kinds of calls.

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