Jazztel has just announced an increase in its fiber connections, reaching up to 1 Gbps in its maximum mode and without variation in the price or conditions of the services already contracted. The company already advanced the increase to 1 Gbps in August, but did not indicate an exact date or changes in the rest of the modalities.

These changes therefore affect customers who have contracted symmetric fiber modalities with 600, 300 and 100 Mbps, that they will have better speed. This change will take effect on September 20 and applies both to fixed-only + internet commercial options and to fixed + internet + mobile convergent options, and to both new and current customers.

Up to 1 Gpbs in maximum mode

Jazztel has communicated changes in the speed of its fiber. The operator now increases its fiber optics in both fixed-only and convergent rates without price increase or changes in the contracted conditions. The improvements will be effective as of September 20 immediately for new clients and progressively for the current portfolio.

Internet for students: the best fiber offers, and a comparison of prices and conditions

  • Symmetric fiber modalities 600Mbps go to 1Gbps.
  • Symmetric fiber modalities 300Mbps go to 600Mbps.
  • Symmetric fiber modalities 100Mbps go to 300Mbps.

Jazztel indicates that the change is applied with small exceptions, since the convergent pack to the convergent pack of fiber and mobile line with 15 GB of data remains, in principle, with 100Mbps, without jump in speed. The same happens with the fiber offer for students.

These are the only two exceptions, since the rest of the catalog will undergo these changes starting next September 20. Clients will not have to do anything as this is an automatic change in connection speed. As always, it will depend on the capabilities of the router and our Ethernet cable to be able to take full advantage of these speeds.