If something characterizes Medicine, it is that learning is never finished. It does not matter if you have too many years of experience because there is always new knowledge that appears and it is necessary to acquire. Sometimes it is through courses or seminars that help to get recertification. Although it can also be with the simple daily patient care. All this leads to a curious and strange case that has been reported. It is about a man who suffers from anal ejaculation, it is the first case of its kind.

This case, considered the first in the medical literature, was reported by the Cureus medical journal. There are no reports of anything similar and there is not even a scientific term for this peculiarity.

It all came about after the man had stomach pains that lasted for years. That led him to visit various specialists and none of them managed to solve his problem. Each one offered a different diagnosis, although in the end the discomforts remained.

After multiple check-ups it was identified that the patient suffered from swollen testicles. One of the consequences was that he developed a urinary tract infection. Whereas when a rectal examination was performed, it was detected that he had an abnormal problem in the rectal wall. At first it was thought that it could expel gas through urine but later it was confirmed that it was actually semen.

This was demonstrated through studies where the presence of a fistula was demonstrated, that is, a bifurcation in its ducts that connected the urethra and the rectum. As a result of this deformation there is a connection that transports liquids and solids from the penis to the anus.

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Now, what the report of this strange case of anal ejaculation points out is that it is not a congenital problem. Everything suggests that the bifurcation was generated by accident a few years ago when the man underwent surgery. At that time, a Foley catheter was inserted incorrectly and led to this rare condition.

Finally, the research indicates that the man has already undergone a new intervention. The aforementioned deformation was corrected and now he no longer suffers from problems when doing the bathroom. Therefore it is considered that the problem of anal ejaculation has been corrected.