Universities with FEWER doctors who passed the ENARM 2021

Universities with FEWER doctors who passed the ENARM 2021

After several months the Inter-institutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources for Health (CIFRHS) published the results by universities of the National Examination of Applicants for Medical Residencies (ENARM) 2021. This information is complementary to the scores that are always released a couple of weeks after the test.

The most interesting thing about this type of data is that it allows knowing the performance of each campus that participates in the exam. From those who contributed the most support to those who managed to get more of their students a place.

The most difficult exam a doctor can face

In that sense, this test is classified as one of the most complicated that exist within the Mexican educational system. Broadly speaking, it consists of a summary of everything seen in the university, boarding school and social service.

For its part, one of the characteristics of the ENARM is that it is made up of multiple-choice clinical cases. In most cases there are no wrong alternatives but only one is the most appropriate for each question.

With this in mind, both universities and other types of associations offer preparation courses for the ENARM. In most cases they are long lasting and in some cases it lasts up to a year. The intention is to be able to cover all the topics without rushing to arrive with fresh knowledge to the test.

However, it is not mandatory to take any course to take the exam. There is also the option of studying individually and sometimes young people take advantage of free time from their social service as preparation.

Although without a doubt the biggest drawback of this test is that there are very few places available for a high demand of interested parties. To date, only 40 percent of those who take the exam get a place. Therefore, more than half of the applicants see their dreams of becoming specialists truncated.


The universities with the lowest performance in the ENARM

On the other hand, the few places are not the only ones responsible. Sometimes the preparation is not adequate and therefore the final objective is not achieved. With this in mind, a few days ago we shared the universities with the most graduates who obtained a place in the ENARM. Now it is time to meet the opposite extreme made up of the schools with the least approved.

  • University of Southern Chiapas (Chiapas) – 0
  • University of Soconusco Headquarters Tapachula (Chiapas) – 1
  • University of Durango Campus Cd. Juarez (Durango) – 2
  • Sedena Medical-Military School (CDMX) – 3
  • Inst. Tepeaca Superior Schools (Puebla) – 5
  • Free School of Homeopathy of Mexico (CDMX) – 5

As we informed you in the past the University of the South of Chiapas was the only one with zero approved. The report indicates that six of its graduates took the exam but none achieved a sufficient score to obtain a place.

To go deeper, this school was also positioned in the last place within the category of general score by universities, achieving a score of 44.66. This honorable recognition was also achieved in 2019, although at that time it had an overall score of 47.16.

While in second position is the Universidad del Soconusco Sede Tapachula, also from Chiapas. The report indicates that three of his students presented the ENARM but only one passed it.

While the third position for the schools with the poorest performance in the ENARM 2021 corresponds to the University of Durango Campus Cd. Juárez de Durango. CIFRHS statistics indicate that 18 of its graduates took the exam but only two achieved a place.

For now, what do you think will be the universities with the fewest places obtained in the ENARM 2022?