Cloud printer management is still a pending issue in Microsoft 365. However, this changes thanks to Universal Print, which allows it to abandon its public test phase and become available in all Microsoft 365 environments. The objective of this service is that users can print from any computer, anywhere, without any configuration.

Administrators must configure the printers in Universal Print, linking the print servers to Azure Active Directory, and indicating the location of these devices. In addition, they will be able to manage the print queues directly from the Azure Active Directory dashboard, so that they will always know their status and availability for the company.

Arrive and print, the magic of Universal Print

With Universal Print, users do not have to take any action when adding printers in the company. This is especially useful in environments where the company has multiple headquarters or premises. When you arrive and connect the Windows computer linked to Azure Active Directory, it will know its location and offer you all available printers automatically.

The user will not have to install drivers or go through the printer discovery process, they will simply see the printers at the location in question and can use them instantly. In this way, neither user nor administrator waste time on trivial tasks and can focus on more productive tasks for the company.

In addition, starting in the summer, Microsoft 365 users will be able to print documents from OneDrive for Business in its web version. For example, from any browser, they can open a Word file and print it on any company printer. As we can see, the company led by Satya Nadella has wanted to put an end to printing problems once and for all and has managed to solve all these problems thanks to Universal Print.

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