Unity is mentioned to have laid off hundreds of employees |

Unity is mentioned to have laid off hundreds of employees |

Something that is often reported in the video game world is layoffs in developer studios, this has recently happened with companies like Electronic Artswho made changes after ending their agreement with FIFA. And now, many sources tell the Kotaku page, that Unity it is putting out hundreds of its workers.

It is mentioned that the company has received good profits in recent years, which is why the layoffs would not make any kind of sense. Still, sources confirm that this has affected offices around the company’s world. Through the network of Blindanonymous people confirm that between 300 and 400 people have been relegated from their posts.

Those who lost their jobs this week were asked by their bosses to suddenly log into a video call, without confirming what the call was about. But for some of these, a member of the human resources department at Unity also connected for the meeting. This is a clue that leads to an imminent termination of the contract.

Something a bit suspicious is that Unity it continues to pay those who have been laid off for a month and offers an additional month of severance and health coverage with it as well. Those affected are also eligible to apply for other positions at the company. And the problem with the statements is that the company has released a hiring freeze in all departments.

For now, the directors of Unity They haven’t come out to comment on it.

Via: Kotaku

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