UniqueSora makes Harley Quinn cosplay for Batman fans

UniqueSora makes Harley Quinn cosplay for Batman fans

The popular cosplayer UniqueSora He often dresses up as characters from video games, anime, and manga, with occasional comic book character interpretations. On two occasions UniqueSora did harley quinn cosplay, the character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm to Batman: The Animated Series in the nineties, although inspired by the versions we have seen in the DC comics.

The first time that UniqueSora made cosplay of Harley quinn It was in February 2020, shortly after the premiere of Birds of Prey and the fabulous emancipation of a Harley Quinn. Although the color of her hair follows the version of Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie, the colors of her costume refer to the harlequin costume with which we met the character in the animated series.

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When UniqueSora shared his first harley quinn cosplayShe said she had a lot of fun with the makeup but wanted to try another version for the next time. The version I had in mind is the one with the half red, half black hair, as we saw her in her own comic series during The New 52 run at DC Comics.

True to its promise, in October 2020 UniqueSora presented its second Harley Quinn cosplay with red and black hair, as well as a alternate costume nursing as part of the “month of scares.” This Halloween and Batman crossover cosplay was very well received by fans, but UniqueSora has not reprized the character since.

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If you like the work of UniqueSora I recommend that you follow her on her social networks, where she shares her work from other series of comics, video games, anime and manga. Although the cosplayer has not returned to do batman cosplays, there is always the possibility that it will surprise DC fans in the future.