UniqueSora Black Cat cosplay for Spider-Man fans

UniqueSora Black Cat cosplay for Spider-Man fans

The popular cosplayer UniqueSora He’s played a wide variety of video game, anime, and manga characters, but occasionally introduces us to something based on Marvel or DC comics. This time we will see the black cat cosplay who introduced a long time ago, a Spider-Man character whom he could reprise in the future.

It’s been about a month since Spider-Man: No Way Home was released in theaters, a film that introduced us to Spider-Verse in live-action for the first time in history. However, in the cinematic history of Spider-man We have not been able to see Black Cat, so UniqueSora helps us imagine how this character could be seen in real life thanks to her cosplay.

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UniqueSora conducted a black cat cosplay in August 2019, long before all the hype around Spider-Man: No Way Home. This film presented us with a small cameo of Black Cat, although only in its silhouette and in the climactic moments of the final act. Outside of this cameo, we haven’t seen Black Cat in a Marvel live-action.

Although we haven’t seen the villain in her costume, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 introduced us to Felicity Jones in the role of Felicia hardy, who would have become Black cat in the third movie. Unfortunately the movie was canceled, although fans are asking for a new The Amazing Spider-Man movie starring Andrew Garfield.

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The first time UniqueSora shared your black cat cosplay She said she was not satisfied with the mask, so she made a promise to disguise herself as this character in the future. However, to date it has not and its activity has decreased in the last year, so it could be a while before we see a Black Cat cosplay again for UniqueSora.

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