Uniastronaut cosplays Lola Bunny based on Space Jam

Uniastronaut cosplays Lola Bunny based on Space Jam

the cosplayer Uniastronaut She is known for having played dozens of characters in video games, anime, comics, and movies, including some of the most popular in the entertainment industry. One of her most popular characters is Lola Bunnywhom Uniastronaut cosplayed as spacejam.

The second Space Jam movie hit theaters in July of last year, but unfortunately it wasn’t received as positively as the first installment. Even so, the sequel served to make Looney Tunes characters popular again, especially Lola Buny, as we have seen with cosplays.

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Uniastronaut is one of the most active cosplayers in recent years, since she has been sharing photos of her cosplays on her social networks for more than 5 years, but even more time dedicating herself to the hobby. Still, the quality of her costumes has increased quite a bit in the last couple of years, making her one of the most popular today.

Uniastronaut’s version of Lola Bunny is based on the first Space Jam movie, though it was released last month. Although years have passed since the original came out, Lola Bunny’s popularity has only increased, so Uniastronaut decided it was time to cosplay her.

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In the time that Uniastronaut has been active, she has presented an incredible number of cosplays, but Lola Bunny’s is just one of the most recent. If you like Uniastronaut’s style of cosplaying, I invite you to check out her social networks, because in addition to her Lola Bunny cosplay, she has other very original ones, such as the female Trunks cosplay.

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