Angelina lee is an unemployed professional at the time she carried out an interesting experiment of inventing a CV With all sorts of traps, which he wiped out recruiters and this belief that they actually analyze the resumes that come to them when they are looking for talent. The experiment was published in Reddit.

The measure establishes a great precedent in the labor market and in knowing the scope that a CV really has, especially because of the influence that today it was believed that the document had, as it is a role that defines whether you are the perfect candidate or your profile simply does not meet the minimum demanded.

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Unemployed exhibits recruiters

Around CVs, all kinds of beliefs have been established and Lee showed that recruiters do not review the links that are included in these documents (since despite including junk links in their document it was called by companies) and ensures that the simple The fact of having put false experience in reputable companies like Google or Microsoft, earned him the interest of the companies to which he applied, despite having written nonsensical things on his worksheet.

As part of this exerciseEven junk links have been used in her CV, they did not matter, only having put work experience in key companies, to be an interesting candidate for Reddit, AirTable, Dropbox, Bolt, Robinhood, Mux, Solv and Grubhub.

Angelina Lee realized this when she noticed the responses she received with her CV, where she invented having studied at the University of Berkeley and having work experience on Instagram, LinkedIn and Microsoft.

According to the unemployed engineer, who carried out this exercise in part as a mockery of her working condition and in the other part as a study of why she could not be hired, 90 percent of the companies to which she sent her document responded to her deceptions despite including the names of porn stars, for the simple fact of having invented the passage through companies that he called FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google). The interest of recruiters is in keywords and not in the experience that will serve for results-oriented work in a company.

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