UNAM offers free online English course

UNAM offers free online English course

Through the Virtual Environment of Languages ​​(AVI) of the UNAM you can access different tools that will help you to know how your knowledge of this language is.

Open to the general public are the sections of practice Y evaluation . In the first you will be able to reinforce your knowledge of the language at different levels, while the second opens the possibility of knowing at what level of knowledge you are through some questionnaires.

What does the course offer?

UNAM makes available to students from UNAM Schools and Faculties enrolled in the AVI program, eight English courses that will allow you to obtain a good command of the language and thus complement your academic development.

Where to take the UNAM English course?

UNAM AVI, is a platform that hosts courses of four skills so you can learn the English language. For more information about the courses you can visit https://avi.cuaieed.unam.mx/index.html